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19 Jan 1997 13:28:38 GMT

Marc Line ( wrote:
: On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, at 16:03:48, Yuri Kuchinsky cajoled electrons:

: >Lets try this. You go to the bookstore to buy a certain book. Would
your : >chances of finding this book be better if you were actually
looking for it : >in the bookstore? Or -- if you were wandering aimlessly
among the aisles : >waiting for that book to fall off its shelf into your
lap -- by itself?

: Your analogy is not analogical.

: Field archaeologists, certainly those with whom I have worked, are
: methodical and meticulous. It is stretching credulity beyond reasonable
: boundaries to suggest that when material such as pollen is recovered
: from an excavation, something as large as a chicken bone might be
: overlooked. After all, bones are one of the primary targets of an
: excavation as they can reveal so much about environment and diet etc.


Yes, I understand. People have very kindly explained these points to me
already about 20 times here. Yuri may be slow on the uptake, but he's not
that slow...

The only problem in this case, and I'm at a loss why it's not already
obvious to my critics, is which excavations you're talking about...

Unless you specifically excavate the human settlements from a _specific
time period_, in _specific locations_ to investigate these matters, your
point is mute...

A valid question emerges, Why not do this? In reply, one of my
considerate, entirely objective, and very professional correspondents
intimated not so long ago that designing such a project would be

Well I don't think recovering this part of history of ancient tribal
peoples from the obscurity created by Eurocentric bias in our scholarship
is stupid. Not at all.

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