Re: Homo erectus: racial variants of Homo sapiens?

Stanley Friesen (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 01:35:30 GMT

> (Dan Barnes) wrote:
>> ... They have done
>>numbers of studies showing links from the H.e. (at sites like Trinil, I think) to the
>>archaic H.s. (the Ngandong hominids we are discussing) to the modern

Ack. The Ngandong specimens (aka Solo Man) are considered slightly
unusual _Homo erectus_ by most workers, *not* archaic H.s.

Indeed in the main recent text on _Homo erectus_ a strong case is made
for such a conclusion based on morphometric analysis of the variation
in the H.e. specimens from various sites.

The peace of God be with you.

Stanley Friesen