Re: There are racists; but no races.

Dog Ears (
16 Jan 1997 18:40:48 GMT

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
> Of course, you live in the Great Purple Pumpkin, too, don't you?
> As I explain to each of you clones in turn, my problem with your
>so-called "nonracialism" is that you are only interested in it for white
>majority countries. You demand massive third world immigration into
>EVERY white majority country, and ONLY into white majority countries.
>You demand your so-called "race" mixing, which is actually only *white*
>mixing, and you use public money for busing and "low-cost"(black)
>housing to chase down any white escapees.
> Your so-called solution to the race problem is always only the final
>solution to the white problem.
> Don't worry, I'll keep repeating this until each and every one of you
>clones has
>heard it.

Yes, Bob, we KNOW you will keep repeating the same old stuff. You've been
doing it for so long now. How could we expect otherwise? What do you
have, a macro or something for spewing out the same tired response, over
and over again, to any message whose writer shows signs of disagreeing
with your rigid, dogmatic & mind-numbing views about humanity? Maybe
you are some kind of automated server that keeps distributing this stuff?
Responding to you is like arguing with the recording on someone's
telephone answering machine!

Dog Ears