Re: Racism and ancient history

Dr. Doug (
19 Jan 1997 09:14:54 GMT

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> (Michael James Dean) wrote:
>>When you start talking about lower wages, unions, etc. it seems to me
>>are taking a modern perspective. From that modern perspective, I
>>tend to agree with you on the economic basis of racism. However, if
>>want to talk about the roots of racism, which surely preceed the
>>era, I think the economic analysis falls flat. Why did the Crusading

>>Christians hate the Moslems so much? Surely not because Arab
>>would work for lower wages back in Europe.
>>I think this is a very interesting thread and look forward to reading
>Dr. Doug sees racism as the tool of capitalism to exploit labor
>because he is a socialist. But I don't think history supports him. I
>can't think of any of the egregious examples in history of racial
>prejudice fitting his paradigm.
>Best wishes. rs
I have recently backed off from equating all racism in the history of
the world with only capitalism, but I do believe very strongly that 1)
racism, (as well as sexism,) has always played an essentially economic
role in every instance in which it is found, ie. benefits the ruling
class economically, and is as such an institution, and 2) is absolutely
essential in capitalist economies, for the purpose of keeping the
producers of wealth disunited and weakened. Therefore all liberal
attempts to eliminate racism in our modern society are doomed to
failure. In fact, racism is gaining among some sectors, not going