Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Rev. Eric Roberts (
19 Jan 1997 00:06:23 GMT

Maybe Indo-Arayns picked it up in the Indus Valley and spread it from

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Jayshree Ramakrishnan <""> wrote in
article <5bqcp4$>...
> There is some evidence that the svastika symbol has been found
> at Indus valley sites (2500 bc - 1500 bc)
> This predates the arrival of the Indo-Aryans and certainly
> predates the Rigvedic period that is commonly accepted to
> be 1200 bc - 800 bc.
> It seems therefore to indicate that the so-called Aryan
> symbol actually originates in earlier times.
> has anyone any interest or confirmation of this?
> S. ramakrishnan
> Singapore