Re: Racism and ancient history

Robert Snower (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 18:17:48 GMT (Michael James Dean) wrote:

>When you start talking about lower wages, unions, etc. it seems to me you
>are taking a modern perspective. From that modern perspective, I would
>tend to agree with you on the economic basis of racism. However, if we
>want to talk about the roots of racism, which surely preceed the modern
>era, I think the economic analysis falls flat. Why did the Crusading
>Christians hate the Moslems so much? Surely not because Arab tribesmen
>would work for lower wages back in Europe.

>I think this is a very interesting thread and look forward to reading more,


Dr. Doug sees racism as the tool of capitalism to exploit labor
because he is a socialist. But I don't think history supports him. I
can't think of any of the egregious examples in history of racial
prejudice fitting his paradigm.

Best wishes. rs