who rules the world? bankers? scholars? publishers?

Rick Schiller (elijah@wi.net)
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 09:16:37 +0000

John Davis wrote:
> Under any of the multitude of names this twit has used to escape the
> killfiles of the world he is an idiot. He was just elected November's
> kook of the month. Anything he writes is apt to be humorous. That,
> however, is not his intention; he evidently believes all the crap he
> writes, at least when he writes it. In other words, you are absolutely
> correct. I congratulate you on having a keen nose for intellectual
> rottenness.

I have never endeavored to even care what kill files are.
And my various names are all with the intent of publishing my
commission of being sent ahead of the government about to be born
as the only one surviving a global disaster. Your lack of any intellectual
twit in your own empty skull is what prevents you from knowing who
John and Elijah are, and motivates you to be evil in heart to
self-proclaim my intent. If you do this to me, you have done, are doing,
and will do these things to others. You make yourself a one-man jury
for the global internet. And even if you should find 20 men to agree with you,
since when should this world be ruled by your 20 men.

A voice crying out and going unheard,
(40 years Oct 7) Nehemiah's (9:1) 50th JUBILEE of Tishri 24
God's 1000 years has begun Sep 14 of 1996.
The 144,000 will rule before this first year ENDS.

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