Re: Prehistory in Europe

Susan (
16 Jan 1997 16:41:37 GMT

astolpho <> wrote:
>Can anyone tell me where I can find information on Neolithic
>civilisations in Europe? I'm particularly interested in the people who
>built their homes on lakes in central Europe and the peoples they traded
> Thanks for your help.

There are lots of books on this subject! You might start with any number
of synthetic treatments, like Champion's Prehistori Europe, which will
provide you with references. Alasdair Whittle has several good books on
Neolithic Europe, and there are others, such as Richard Bradley and Ian
Hodder, who have books about European prehistory which treat the
Neolithic in new and interesting ways. This would include the "Swiss
Lake sites" which I think you are referring to, such as Egolzwil. These
have been published at various times by various people over the last
hundred years or so, much of the information in French and German.




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