Re: Homo erectus: racial variants of Homo sapiens?

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16 Jan 1997 20:25:26 GMT

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>There has been much talk about the author Zecharia Sitchens "Earth
>Chronicles" and his extensive work into Ancient Sumer. There seems to be a
>common thread that runs through all cultures. This thread is depicted in
>Biblical Genesis, however, in a very condensed version. In my studies, I
>have found that Homo Erectus suddenly appeared after a very long period
>prior to Cro-Magnon. There is also the theory that life was seeded from
>space. The Scientific family have even jumped off their high horse to
>collaborate this. Along with these notions, the seeding of the earth along
>with the creation is wonderfully depicted in Sitchens books, especially,
>"The Twelfth Planet", "When Time Began", and "Genesis Revisited". I would
>recommend this reading to any and all 21st Century Anthro's.

Zechariah Sitchin is a total, total, loon. A smart loon, maybe, but
still a loon. He makes Velikovsky look like a mainstream scientist.
Looking for scientific howlers in his book is like looking for leaves in

Around the time I read his book "The Twelfth Planet", I also read a
science fiction book which had a number of interesting parallels with it
("Inherit the Stars", by James Hogan). The funny thing was that the SF
novel made a lot more sense, and was more scientifically accurate, than
"12th Planet".

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