Re: Why Andrew MacRae's opinion LACKS CREDIBILITY

Bob Casanova (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 22:05:27 GMT

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997 12:51:03 GMT, in sci.anthropology.paleo, (Ed Conrad) wrote:


>There is NOTHING more important in scence than to try to answer, as
>honestly as we possibly can, the time-honored question of who we
>really are and how we really got here.
>Unfortunately, the existing theory of man's inhuman origin simply does
>not hold up because of the TOTAL absence of scientific evidence.


>The only thing the ``theory" of evolution" has going for it in the
>case of man's origin is rhetoric, and all the rhetoric in the world is
>powerless to transform theory -- Webster's: ``an idea, an opinion, a
>guess..." -- into solid and undisputed fact.

Still don't know the scientific usage of "theory", huh Ed? No
surprise. And *I'm* certainly not going to go through it AGAIN.

>Therefore, it remains nothing more than a theory without
>any basis in solid fact.

Wrong again. As usual.

(Note followups, if any)

Bob C.

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