Question about Carlos Castenada.

P Brandon Malloy (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 18:33:59 GMT


I have a question or two regarding Carlos Castenada.

I seem to remember that there was considerable
speculation by serious academics that the "Don Juan"
character was just that - a character out of the
imagination of Carlos Castenada. At the time, maybe
1979, I seem to remember that he publicly recanted
after receiving MUCH pressure from peer's in the
anthropology community. Under this scrutiny he
finally admitted that there was no such person as
Don Juan, but rather that the shamanistic systems
described in the series of books, and his personal
experiences, were compilations of a variety of
folkloric traditions..

Can someone correct me if I am wrong about this?

Please eMail me. Thanks in advance.

P. Brandon Malloy
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