Re: BETTER than the SUPER BOWL (MacRae vs. Conrad)

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> Subject: Re: BETTER than the SUPER BOWL (MacRae vs. Conrad)
> On 9 Jan 1997 08:57:22 GMT, Claudio De Diana
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> >Dear Everybody,
> > I want to point out that the entity formerly known as
> > (and also
> > has lost his account for "Usernet abuse",
> > "Harassment","Flame bait" and "Receiving of Multiple complaints".
> > Of this we have a proof written by Ed Conrad himself, now
> > transformed in, as it is explained in the
> > following post:
> it is sufficiently elevating to watch a mob of enraged pacifists beat
> to death an unarmed and already downed victim...but if, after such
> courageous act, they must publicly hold gather in gloat, they oughta
> do so under new thread...if their mental powers, heavily taxed by
> their noble struggle, cannot create one, i'd be happy to help...when
> blessed by the presence of such heroes, one must...
> in retch,
> frank
I just want to thank all those who sent in complaints. Sorting through
the garbage on newsgroups is incredibly difficult, and now Conrad is gone,
it will be a lot more pleasant on sci.anthropology. As for the fellow
above, I take heart from Conrad's case.

Alternative viewpoints are fine. However, 75% of Conrad's posts were ad
hominem. 100% of your post is (and the more I write about this, the
larger percentag of my post is). Anyway, that's my problem with Conrad.
This comment about pacifists I only get sort of tangentially, but to tell
you the truth I'm not sure if I care...

Thanks again, those who complained about Conrad. I can't place killfiles
either, and I have no idea how to route complaints, so I'm grateful.