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12 Jan 1997 08:32:01 GMT

Weekend Workshop with Carlos Castaneda

Those who are interested in the works of Carlos Castaneda,
especially as they relate to phenomenology, the ancient
practices of Toltec sorcerers, and the freeing of oneself
from the limitations of language and culture, may be
interested in knowing that Castaneda and the three women
who were also disciples of Castaneda's teacher don Juan
will all be participating in a workshop in Long Beach,
California (greater Los Angeles area), on the weekend
of February 15-16.

Having attended a workshop given by this group in November in
Pasadena, I can say that they are most amazing, life-changing
experiences. The upcoming workshop, sponsored by Cleargreen, Inc.,
is expected to review a series of movements, called Tensegrity,
which have a variety of sorceric and energetic purposes.

I was quite impressed when I began to practice Tensegrity.
These movements were handed down by Don Juan's lineage of
sorcerers, and many of them are based on movements used
by the Toltec sorcerers of ancient Mexico. Tensegrity aims
at developing inner silence and physical well being, and in
my experience is an effective tool for achieving these aims.

The workshop will also feature short lectures from Castaneda and
don Juan's other disciples---Carol Tiggs, Florinda Donner-Grau,
and Taisha Abelar.

Carlos Castaneda has been living and practicing the philosophy
and methods he learned from don Juan for over 30 years now,
and while his reportage has been controversial in anthropology,
he has never backed down from his amazing claims, continuing
to stand by his work as being a true and accurate report.
This is a chance to investigate his current work and make
your own decision. At the least, I think you will find
Mr. Castaneda a very entertaining speaker. But the workshops
are rigorously pragmatic, so also come prepared for an intense
physical workout.

For more workshop info, you can check out Cleargreen's website at, where you can find additional
information about Tensegrity and the current activities of Castaneda.
You can also contact Cleargreen at (310) 264-6126.