Re: There are ruling classes

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Fri, 10 Jan 1997 13:08:08 -0800

Toby Cockcroft wrote:
> In article <Love@40891>,, wrote:
> >The ancestral Germanic tribes overthrew their unwanted
> >kings whenever he didn't resign gracefully; he usually did.
> >Since "Anglo-American" is Germanic, what would be the problem
> >with this?
> FYI Anglo-American is not Germanic. The Germans have had little influence
> on the political traditions and structure of the United States

I *think* this person is making the connection through the Saxons, who
were a Germanic people. While certain British influences have their
root witht he Saxons, the political thinking (including structure) of
the Britians was more heavily influenced by French ideology
(post-conquest of course).

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