Re Q: Did the lost continent of Mu really exist?

Jiri Mruzek (
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:30:09 -0800

WLauritzen wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> What is your interest in this topic, if I may
> so inquire?
> William

Naturally, if there was Atlantis, there might have been
numerous Mus, all much smaller than continents. However,
there never was a continent of Atlantis, nor Mu. No sir,
I can't believe that..
I have interest in all things potentially connected to
the civilisation of Science-Art creators. So far, only
Atlantis aspires at the authorship of hermetically excellent
scholarship behind some prehistoric art from the Magdalenian
period, circa 14,000 years ago.
The said Science-Art is the best proof we have of a highly
evolved prehistoric civilisation at work. Likewise, Atlantis,
as narrated by Plato, is the best existing indication of my
correctness in this delicate matter. IMHO, the total of all
the evidence amounts to proof mightier than the poisoned pens
of general naysayers in that it easily brushes them away.