Re: Homo erectus: racial variants of Homo sapiens?

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Jim Foley wrote:
> In article <>, A Pagano <> wrote:
> >The following is posted on behalf of David Buckna <>:
> Why? If it can be shown that Homo erectus lived at the same time as
> modern man, Homo erectus may be no more than racial variants of Homo
> sapiens. That is what creationists such as Duane Gish ("Evolution: The
> Fossils Still Say No!", Master Books, 1995) have been saying for
> decades.
> Not exactly. Gish has always said that *some* Homo erectus are apes
> (Java Man and Peking Man), and that *some* are human (in a quick look
> through his 1995 book found I nothing about them being racial variants,
> though).
> On the face of it, it sounds implausible that two fossils assigned to
> the same species could be an ape and a human. And indeed it is. Visit
> to see just how ridiculous Gish's claims are.
> In it, you can see that one of Gish's "apes" and one of Gish's "humans"
> are extremely similar to each other, certainly far more so than either
> is to a human, or to a modern ape. (The above page has a cool new
> graphic, courtesy of Brett Vickers, showing the two fossils overlaid
> together. They're like peas in a pod)
> So we have two creatures, of different 'kinds', more similar to each
> other than they are to other creatures of the same 'kind'. Looks like
> this:
> Hypothetical
> Dividing
> Line
> |
> |
> |
> A B | C D
> |
> |
> modern Java | Turkana humans
> apes Man | Boy
> |
> |
> If "C" and "D" are in the same 'kind' (humans), shouldn't it logically
> follow that "B" and "C" might be the same kind? Well, yes, but Gish
> can't admit that, because then you would have an ape related to a human.
> If an ape that looks like a human, and a human that looks like an ape,
> aren't transitional fossils, what would be?
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This web page is good, it derserves a serious look.

Dallas, Texas

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