Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Richard Ottolini (rick@oas.Stanford.EDU)
10 Jan 1997 14:57:53 GMT

In article <> (AccessGuru) writes:
>Try as I might I see no great common origin of design with a starting
>point and then diffusion to the world. What is a swastika but an L
>design repeated 4 times. There is some thing inherent in human nature to
>apply the laws of symmetry to design. As you can tell I am no great

I agree. Rather than a blunted cross, the "L" looks like a human or
animal limb in motion. Put two arms and legs together, then symmetrize,
and presto you have the swatiska. It looks dynamic- like a creature
or design in motion.

What is the ratio of the right bending to left being swatiskas?