Re: Racism and ancient history

John Gorentz (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 21:20:49 -0500

Albert Himoe wrote:

> > Is this the title of a book? A quick search of the MSU and U of Mich
> > card catalogs didn't turn it up. Could you give a more complete
> > reference?
> Colin M. Turnbull is the author.
> Simon $ Schuster, 1983. A quick search of the Illinois on-line catalog
> turned up 56 libraries in Illinois which have this book.

Thanks, and thanks to Gerold Firl, too. And I now apologize for
impugning the good names of our Michigan libraries. The book is there.
The way I looked for it, I probably wouldn't have found it in the
Illinois libraries, either.

John Gorentz