Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Patrick C. Ryan (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 19:18:34 -0600

Gord Bowman wrote:
> Pastor Bob <> wrote...
> > This may be true! Many non-monotheistic religions looked to the stars
> > for truth and the Swastika is a common pagan symbol and it reminds one
> > of a spiral galaxy.
> Spiral galaxies are not visible to the unaided eye so I doubt that was an
> influence.
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> Gord Bowman (

What is probably more to the point of a referent for the swastika is the
apparent circle made in the sky around the North Pole by Ursa Major. I
think one could image a swastika with bent arms as a projection of the
constellation at 0*, 90*, 180*, 270*.

In addition, the circle with a dot in its center, which stands for the
Egyptian "sun"-god Re' (better *Ri'), may not be the 'sun' as a spinning
wheel but instead the Circumpolar Regions again in a different manner of

The North Star was associated in many cultures with the distant Creator
God of the Universe.

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