pyramids with mortar?

John the ForeRunner (
Wed, 08 Jan 1997 10:21:03 +0000

Doug Bailey wrote:
> As usual with many zealots, they are high on (unfounded) arrogance and
> low on actual facts. Scholarly consensus holds that the Great Pyramid
> was built by the Fourth Dynasty Pharoah Khufu in the period of 2551 BC
> to 2528 BC. It should be noted that carbon dating of organic material
> within the mortar (from several areas of the Great Pyramid has yielded
> dates 3809 BC and 2869 BC (there is a modest range with these
> measurement methods but they illustrate that the mortar was laid into
> position no later than the 26th millenium BC).

Few pyramids in Egypt have mortar. It is true that some are brick.
It is true that several of cut limestone do have brick cores.
(below is directory of GIF pyramids, say thank you)

> Its funny that your claims against your 'opponents' seem always very
> appropriate for yourself. You are definitely "fabricating
> sensationalism" that definitely destroys any chances of having any
> cogent discussion on the matters at hand.

> If I have not adequately illustrated John the Forerunner's lack of
> grounding in anything resembling reality, I believe his SIG seals the
> case shut. Problem is that zealots are never wrong in their own mind so
> you end up watching them portray themselves as perfect and the holder of
> some divine knowledge, when they in fact are suffering from what
> psychologists term as mild delusions (of grandeur in John's case).

So where are you amongst the global scholars in the dainty group of those
few who think that they can lead the world to the truth of history. Have you not
self-appointed yourself to uncloak my facade as you see it to be.
Not every man reaches the humble state of Saul being shown he was so wrong
in his zeal that he should hide his former shameful name and devote the rest
of his life to the correct truth. Not to mention many Christians took many years
warning others possibly not to trust his sudden new conversion.

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