Re: Is language necessary for preservation of culture?
7 Jan 1997 20:02:12 GMT

CharlesDexterWard <> writes:
>Keta Nannithamby wrote:

>> Is the Language necessary for preservation of the culture?

>Important yes, but I wouldn't think it absolutely necessary. Culture is
>preserved in more ways than merely the spoken word, including but not
>limited to food, music, spirituality, etc.


>A related question I would ask is...
>Why do people feel the need to retain "past" culture in their current
>lives? In other words, why do many become threatened by the possibility
>of "culture" or "tradition" fading away or being replaced by current

Identity is important, retaining "past" culture is a method of retaining

>From a social Darwinian perspective :) keeping many cultures alive is
like keeping many types of crops alive, you never know when that
diversity will provide survival value.

spouting off again :)
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