Re: maize in Europe and India: a twisted tale

Yuri Kuchinsky (
7 Jan 1997 14:41:42 GMT

unknown ( wrote:

: Non-Indians have always tried to devalue the impact of Native Americans
: upon the rest of the world.

Well, "unknown", I think I agree with you on the above. We can see the
validity of what you say even in the attitude of some people in these ngs
who are so _adamant_ that the very idea that native Americans could have
crossed the Pacific on their own -- and brought maize to India -- must be
_totally absurd_ and even kooky!

: Case in point--noted botanists believe in
: Asia place of origin for corn--

But here we disagree. I believe the fact that some researchers believed
strongly -- and wrongly -- that maize originated in India is explainable
in another way. I think this came about simply because maize appears to
be _ancient_ in India.

: You know them indians couldn't do
: anything right!!!!!!!It takes a non-Indian to accomplish anything.



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