January 97 Voyager E-Journal is Now Online - Announcement

Marcus S. Robinson, D.C.H. (onesong@ix.netcom.com(Marcus)
7 Jan 1997 02:08:54 GMT

Voyager...On the Path of Transformation E-Journal

"The true expression of intelligence is the immediate and direct
perception of meaning. Meaning is that existential glue that can give
us the fine, coherent, inner substance and structure capable of
replacing the physical body as a receptacle of life-intelligence."
-T. Kun, author of Project Mind

Front Page, Winter 1997: Selected Works of Dr. Marcus S. Robinson

Sentient Being: Spirit, Mind, Brain, and Body
"An insightful treatise on the
path of transformation and transcendence
and the underlying truth of being human."

Consciousness, Spirituality, and Healing
"A clear and definitive accountof the healing power of the mind."

Quantum Consciousness: Three Levels of Awareness
"Beyond the triune brain theory,
this article asserts a model of consciousness
based upon cutting-edge science and the ancient
wisdom of Hawaiian Huna."

Rediscovering the Nature of Being
"an insightful rendering of the
nature of spirit, mind, and matter."

Path of the Urban Shaman
"The human species is evolving and
transforming into a higher order of being
- homo universalis."

Voyager Art Gallery featuring selected works of Diana Elizabeth Stanley

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