Re: Racism and ancient history

Robert Snower (
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 14:53:46 GMT wrote:

rs wrote:
>> Discrimination based on biological difference did not have its origin
>> in differences of color. It did not have its origin in differences at
>> the race level. Racism did not start with racism! Racism started
>> with discrimination based on kinship.

>But color does make it so much easier for one to know who to hate. There is no way most of us would know
>a Serb from a Bosnian or a Slovene. On the other hand we can recognize a black African or a "yellow"
>Chinese right off the bat.
>If people were required to wear labels denoting national origin or religion on their forehead maybe people
>would stop hating because of color.

Why national origin or religion? Why not the number of our IQ's?
Then we could hate people because they were dumber. By the way . . .

Best wishes. rs