Re: There are races

Sat, 04 Jan 97 11:10:14 GMT

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"Jim Walsh" writes:

> Absolute balderdash.

We know.
You tell us that you teach English in Taiwan, so you must know that
the aboriginal Taiwanese are of S. E. Asian stock (i.e. like Philipinos), but
that they are in the minority and fair very badly in comparison with the
Chinese who flooded into the place during the 1940's.
Throughout S. E. Asia, the discrimination is exactly the reverse and
is directed at the Chinese, who comprise 10% of the population, but are 90% of
the millionaires, in spite of regularly getting their businesses burnt down in
places like Indonesia where there's race riots every few years.
Believe me, Taiwan Jim, I know just how smart the Chinese are, because
one of my jobs involves reading hi-tech research papers and the pile from
Taiwan gets bigger every day. The sub-Saharan contribution to my workload is
an absolute *ZERO*.

D. MacMillan