Re: Racism and ancient history

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3 Jan 1997 21:17:28 GMT

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|> Gerold Firl wrote:

|> > Yes, this is a very interesting example of cultural evolution. As the
|> > aryans were absorbed by india, demographically as well as culturally,
|> > the indo-european dieties were supplanted by their indigenous
|> > predesessors. Shiva and parvati are clearly pre-IE; vishnu, krishna,
|> > and brahma are possibly hybrids. Why is krishna colored blue?
|> >
|> > As the absorbtion proceeded, indra and agni faded from popular
|> > consciousness, to be replaced by indigenous indian dieties (dark
|> > colored, significantly, as the patrons of the dravidian underclass) or
|> > else by buddhism, which was, in some ways, a more attractive alternative
|> > for the aristocracy.
|> >
|> > It appears that this process took many centuries. It's a great example
|> > of the endurance of mythology.

|> But the ideal of divinity in Hinduism is actually BLUE-skinned...a state
|> of sky-blue hue which NO human race has ever and as far as I know CAN
|> ever have...think about it...

Krishna is colored blue, but is blue skin actually considered the
ideal of divinity? There are plenty of hindu dieties, but as far as I
know, only one of them is blue. The krishna cult became popular, when,
around 1000 ad? As a varient of the man-god myth (heracles, buddha,
jesus, etc) the blue skin may be a conscious repudiation of the
long-standing race-based religious rivalries of india.

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