Re: Why Andrew MacRae's opinion LACKS CREDIBILITY

Paul J. Gans (
4 Jan 1997 05:27:07 GMT

Ed Conrad ( wrote:
: I've noticed that Andrew Macrae has announced that he is packing
: it in -- leaving
: I can only wonder why.
: Before Andrew vanishes, however, I would like to raise a very
: important point:

[rest deleted]

Most of you have never had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Macrae.
Andrew was one of the most sensible, decent, and honest folks I
have ever had the pleasure of meeting on the net. His ability
to stick to the point, his knowledge of geology and related
areas, and his ability to keep his cool are legendary.

One need not wonder why he has left. As he announced in (which Mr. Conrad reads, or should, since he
posts there) he has completed his research, turned in his
thesis, defended it, and has been awarded his Ph.D. Further,
having accepted a "real" job, he's now off working, and currently
without net access.

------ Paul J. Gans []