Science Homework
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 15:31:13 -0800

My name is Michael Kaplan and I am a 7th grade student at Crossroads
School for the Arts and Sciences. I have to do a report on a scientific
career and I chose Anthropology. If you would be so kind, please answer
as many of these questions as possible and then e-mail them back as soon
as you can. Thank you very much.

1. What influenced you to choose anthropology?
2. What interested you about anthropology?
3. Describe a typical day in anthropology?
4. What skills are needed?
5. What education is prerequisite (years of college, type of graduate
6. What branch of science is anthropology connected with?
7. Describe where this type of scientist works (what kind of field
work, laboratory etc...)?
8. What is significant about this field (how does it influenced our
9. Does your job leave you any spare time?
10. How old were you when you decided to be an anthropologist?
11. Did your parents encourage you to be an anthropologist?
12. Was there any specific reason you became an anthropologist?
13. What do you think of Mary Leakeys work?
14. Have you made any significant discoveries, and if so what were
15. Has anyone else in your family been an anthropologist, and if so
did they make any significant discoveries, and if so what were they?
16. Do you know any famous anthropologists, and if so who are they and
what do they do?

My e-mail address is:

P.S. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.