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3 Jan 1997 00:48:40 GMT

Valerie Goff wrote:

>Can anyone help me find the movie, "People of the Wind," which was made
>1977? It is the story of the Bakhtiari of western Iran and their annual
>migration into the Zagros Mountains for summer pastures for their sheep.
>would dearly love to have this movie on video tape or laser disc. Can
>help direct me? Thanks!

Dear Valerie,
I am unaware of the film you mention but I can reccommend a great one in
it's place. "Grass" was filmed in 1923 and was the last major Bakhtiari
migration on foot. It is authentic and amazeing. It is in release on
video and if no where else it is available through The Textile Museum in
Washington DC. ]
Best wishes,

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