Re: Proposal for Kook of the Month: Re: WHO/WHAT is Ed Conrad?

Jiri Mruzek (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 14:54:01 -0800

don wrote:
> Jiri Mruzek <> writes:
> > Dan Yertzell wrote:
> > > Vladimir Vooss <> wrote in article

> > > But haven't you read his latest drivel? In order to build pyramids, we
> > > would need alien assistance! :-)

> > Wrong! But, to build one in the G.P. class we certainly would require
> > a large loan of galactic credits beyond the financial potency of any
> > particular modern government. Even if we had the yen, we know of no
> > Lo-tech methods, which would produce the same Hi-Tech results. Tis the
> > reason, why no one has yet given a nice, all-around, scaled down
> > demonstration.
> > You certainly couldn't - as I have never seen you participate in the
> > sharp
> > debates we had here previously on the subject. Where do you get the nerve
> > to imply otherwise?
> > Jiri (one of the insane)

> Low-tech (meaning stone-age) construction methods were used
> to build the great temples on Malta before the pyramids
> were built, in Southeast Asia long before modern machinery was
> available, and across Central America.

This is pure escapism from you. Instead of chasing you all over
the world with your dubious assertions, I stand my ground at
the Great Pyramid. This is a unique structure, and the most difficult
to duplicate for us, in any way.
So really, we could not do anything today that we see was done on the
Great Pyramid. Do you disagree?
If you do - then list at least a few items we could imitate by Lo-Tech
today. For instance, how would you propose to attain the precision specs
of the workmanship on the mantle stones? Would not our artisans spend
forever on one block?
How would you schedule and organize the gargantuan task of transporting
all the materials? What kind of a ramp would you use? Or do you think
that the Egyptians had cranes and derricks able to handle 70-ton blocks?
Do you think they had steel, or something equivalent? How did they
engrave and bore granite, as if it were butter?

> Did you think that because our ancestors had no
> computers they were stupid? Go to a library and start
> reading.

We were born computerless into this world, and we had no computers
until just a while ago. So many people charge that I consider our
ancestors stupid. That must be on account of me crediting them with
You ask strange questions. plus you give a pretty arrogant advice.
Perhaps, instead of going to a library, you should attend a school
producing gentlemen out of roughnecks. BTW, I never said that They had
no computers. By what twisted path did this idea reach your head?