Re: Racism and ancient history

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2 Jan 1997 15:38:39 GMT

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>On 2 Jan 1997 01:25:16 GMT, Ron Kephart <>
>>The best way to cure a culture of racism is to raise a generation of
>>people who have been exposed to factual knowledge about what
>>in skin color, hair form, language, religion, etc. mean, and, perhaps

>>more importantly, what they don't mean. One way to do this would be
>>make anthropology a part of everyone's general education. I'm for
>>Any seconds?
>prior to seconding, i seek a point of information...would the
>"anthropology" that you prescribe for all include the study of those
>uncomfortable facts on differentials in average intelligence between
>groups??...further, would such study be conducted without the
>predecision that all data pointing towards a genetic basis for such
>differentials were in error??...
>a negative to either of the above would not only preclude the
>possibility of a reduction in racial strife, but worse, increase
>it...a few moments consideration of the laws of material implication
>from the propositional calculus (often miscalled "the paradoxes of
>material implication") coupled with an understanding of how lie
>detectors work should make this obvious...
>lies cause the same destructive stresses in culture as in
>individuals...they are anti life... false statements (mistakes) fail
>to resonate with the energies necessary for their stating, and are
>thus: only entrophic...known lies set living energetic systems into
>active conflict, and are thus: actively destructive...
>any "anthropology" which chooses the "comforting" lie over the facts
>falls into the latter category...
Why don't we stick to the subject. If you want to discuss "how to end
racism" or "the nature of modern anthropology" why don't you simply
start your own thread. It's not hard to do.

Dr. Doug