Re: Man as OLD as Coal

Psycho Dave (
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 23:38:55 -0500

Ed Conrad wrote:
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So Ed -- you seem to have one problem with your claim of finding a human
skull embedded in coal that is millions of years older than is possible
under the currently acceptable paradigm.

The problem lies in your complete lack of credibility.

(1) You admit to being an ammateur. I wouldn't even expect anyone to
take my word for the age of anything I dug up in the desert here in
Arizona, unless it was thoroughly analyzed by trained professionals.

(2) Your writing on the topic of your find is highly unprofessional in
nature, and it makes you look like a kook.

(3) Your refusal to allow independant sources to analyze the specimens
only succeeds in making look as though you are hiding something. The
mistrust you display for scientists only makes you look like a crank, as
it is all too common for cranks to guard their discoveries, claiming
that other scientists would seek to destroy or steal them.

(4) Even something as simple as allowing some students to use university
equipment to examine your specimens under your supervision (so that
nobody can steal them) would suffice. You insist that everyone take your
word for their age. How can anyone trust the word of an admitted

DOn't take this as more ed-bashing. It is a constructive criticism. I am
telling you exactly how to get your finding recognized. Heck -- I'd love
to see the tests prove that it really is as old as you claim, because it
would mean a boom in research to figure out how to account for such
anomalies, which means big bucks for industry.

But the more you hoard your find, the less credibility you will have.

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