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31 Dec 1996 20:19:20 GMT

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|> Interesting about the Moors in Spain. Again, a non-capitalist origin
|> of racism. Did that anti-Arab racism continue in Spain?

Throughout the 16th century the primary rivals of the spanish
habsburgs in the mediteranean were the ottoman turks and their
proxies, the barbary pirates. The american adventure, in comparison,
was viewed as a sideshow compared to the big-money stakes in the med.

I don't know how that translates into racism, actually. The enmity was
certainly there, but I don't get much of a feeling that racism played
a major ideological role. Religion was certainly played-up as the most
important differentiator.

And was it
|> used to support the economic/political rule of the light-skinned
|> Northerners over the dark-skinned Southerners?

I'm not sure what you mean by this: in spain? In north africa? Was
there in fact such a racial gradient?

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