Re: maize in Europe and India: a twisted tale

Yuri Kuchinsky (
31 Dec 1996 15:26:58 GMT wrote:

: > The defences of Isolationists, and the way this debate is shaping,
remind : > me strongly of another debate that may be very familiar to the
readers of : > these groups. Namely, it is the Creationists vs. the
Evolutionists : > "debate". The strongest line of similarity? Well, you
see, one clear thing : > that has emerged long time ago in the evolution
debate is that the : > Evolutionists have a basic story of evolution that
they overwhelmingly : > agree upon. The chronology of our planet, for
example, is rather well : > established, the basic lines of speciation,
etc. The evolution story is : > understood now as a _coherent story_, and
is so presented by : > Evolutionists. : > Yuri.

: This logic is amazing. You don't see that this is exactly
: the mirror of you.
: You cling to the diffusionist theories on shaky grounds.
: Your behavious is exactly like those of the Creationists.


I'm astounded at your wilful blindness. You completely miss the point that
it is the "deniers" like you who cannot get their story straight. How many
versions of the "true interpretation of those carvings" have we seen from
them so far?

Your attitude is the best illustration of the group-think plaguing the
Isolationists that I can think of. Thank you for providing such a good
substantiation to my words. I think you just walked into it...



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