hekatologos 1423

29 Jan 1995 16:06:53 -0500

1423 Tri aithghiniuint an domhain: bru mna, uth bo, neas
gabhann. (Three sources of the world's regeneration: the woman's
womb, the cow's udder, the smithy's forge)

The womb creates, the udder sustains, the forge bestows physical
advantage. The forge also ravages the earth, pollutes the skies
and engenders an overweening confidence in the power of tech-
nology. But at long last that confidence is on the wane and the
protests against our excesses have become internationalized and
militant, tinder awaiting a spark. And the manifesto, should we
allow it to come to that, has an apocalyptic finality: that the
survival of Planet Earth has a higher priority than the survival
of its present inhabitants and that wholesale death and destruc-
tion are not only the means but the end. [An Phurgadoir, Book XIV]
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