Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in local book stores

Animesh Karna (
26 Jan 1995 20:54:20 GMT

: >No one wanted Velikovsky's view to not be published at all. The goal
: >was to have them published under *the appropriate imprint*. If _WiC_
: >was published as a comparative mythology book, there would never have
: >been any uproar at all.

: I'm not so sure about this. I've heard that researchers in
: comparative mythology find _WiC_ just as ridiculous as astronomers do,
: though for a different set of reasons.

I heard that Velikovsky stated that Venus being ejected from Jupiter is
the source of the legends of Venus (or Aphrodite) emerging from the head
of Jupiter (Zeus). Only problem is that it was Athena (if I recall
correctly) that emerged from Zeus's head (is that right?).