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29 Jan 1995 01:00:34 GMT

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# David Johns includes:

No, *you* include what David Johns said.

# But many posters here talk *as if* there were an "African
# gene" that is somehow transmitted to all American blacks, no
# matter what the proportion of African and European ancestry
# they might have, and which alone determines the amount of
# "g" an individual has.
# But surely William Shockley is a racist demon in David Johns's
# theology. Shockley sometimes related expected IQ of American
# blacks to the fraction of genes that came from blacks from
# certain parts of Africa.

I'm sure there must be a message in there somewhere, but I'm damned if
I can figure out what it is.

# I suspect there is almost no-one who believes what David Johns
# ascribes to "many posters".

That's why I said "as if". I even put it in asterisks. Next time
I'll capitalize it for you.

David Johns