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>This is an interesting point. Recent studies have shown that behavior
>is linked to the relative levels of two nerve hormones, nor-epinepherine
>and serotonin. Low levels of both result in people who are barely
>functional on a societal level.

>Higher levels of nor-epinepherine result in people who are tentative
>and indesicive, who look for security in adherence to laws. They follow
>the norms, mores, conventions, rules, etc; generally looking
>to build consensus for their actions before they act.

>Higher levels of Serotonin result in people who are looking for Freedom
>as a state of Being without limits; they are decisive people who tend to
>"go for it", and could care less about the general consensus.

>High levels of both result in what we think of as Sociopaths who tend to
>make their own rules up as they go along.

>The result is that the high nor-ephinepherine people tend to become
>law makers whose laws, norms, mores, conventions, rules and values in
>general, discriminate against the behavior of the other groups.

>An example of a society with high norepinepherine qualities
>might be Athens, and the high-serotonin attitudes and values
>would then be exemplified by Sparta.

>Most of the people incarcerated in institutions, other than those of
>higher education, beaurocracy or marriage, would not be people from the
>high nor-epinepherin group.
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Errrr, ummmm, cites please, whittet. This is *much* too deterministic and
reductionist to let go without a request for sources.

Regards, Richard