Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

Richard Jacoby (rick@TotSysSoft)
25 Jan 1995 05:50:32 GMT

In article <3fvn05$> (Camilla
Cracchiolo) writes:
> RE: good students getting beat up.
> Surely I'm not the only white person who ever was harrassed and
> by other white kids for being smart! People are talking about this like
> it's unique to black kids.. Ha! Check in on some of the childhood
> stories the folks in the Mensa newsgroup have.
> Anything that makes a kid different, whether it's being real smart or
> being in special ed, singles them out for cruelty. I didn't get beat
> but got everything short of it in a very elite, almost entirely white
> private school. I wound up having to leave the private school in 8th
> and go to the local high school, which was 99% black. I found the black
> kids much nicer, more accepting and supportive than anything I ever got
in the
> private school.
> Methinks I see racial stereotyping at work here...
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Your right!!...
I don't think the word nerd was originated by blacks.
We all know what kind of hell kids labeled as nerds go through