craziness (was Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in local book stores

Richard Treitel (treitel@bones)
24 Jan 1995 17:38:52 -0800

In article <3g23m1$>, (Dallas Kennedy) writes:

|> The word Einstein used was "meshuggah", Yiddish or Hebrew for
|> "crazy", used humorously in some contexts to mean "offbeat" or
|> "strange", but not literally insane. It's the same use when Niels
|> Bohr said that quantum mechanics was so crazy, that it might be
|> true.

Given Einstein's well-known opinion of whether quantum mechanics could
be true, I don't think 100% deference to his opinion of Velikovsky's
ideas (whatever that opinion was) is necessarily indicated.

-- Richard

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