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25 Jan 1995 01:50:40 GMT

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<>In any case, I've heard of Chomsky's linguistic work but no absolutely
<>nothing about it. Could you provide me further information on Chomsky's
<>(or others') scientific proof(s) that language capacity is
<>hard-wired into our brains.
<Chomsky has no scientific proof of this. (Or of anything else).
<There is a good bit of neurolinguistic evidence that there may be
<circuits in the brain specifically dedicated to language, but IMO
<Chomsky and his followers drastically overestimate how much of the
<structure of language needs to be attributed to innate structures.
In defense of NC, I seem to recall someone was recently found with brain
damage such that she was unable to use one of the common parts of speech.
(Adverbs, or indefinite pronouns, or something like that.)

His theories have also been very influential in computer science, by the way.