Lewis J. Bornmann (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 03:29:14 GMT

Ok, I don't know that this is the place to ask, bu it's worth a shot.
I'm taking an anthropology of religion class, and we're supposed to get a
taste of fieldwork by attending services for a religion we're not
familiar with. The teacher gave us a handout with a variety of churches
listed as a suggestion, most of them being catholic with a sprinkling of
presbyterian and lds mixed in.

Good enough, it was meant as help. Here's the problem. I'd like to
learn about Santeria. I've read a little bit and it sounds interesting,
I'd like to learn more about it. But I don't know anyone who knows
anything about it. I have several months to complete the assignment, and
I can travel given a little notice. So. Can anyone help me out? I
would appreciate anything. I've been trying to do research, but all I
can find are a couple of books, and as for real people nothing at all. I
live in San Francisco. It seemed to me that if there would be anything I
could use it wuld be here, but so far nothing. Apparently it's not
something to advertise, which I might have to accept. I plan to start
haunting the candle shops in the mission, but other then that I'm stuck.

No, I'm not good at this.