Introductions and an apology

Kristin Elfa Gudnadottir (
26 Jan 1995 01:18:16 -0000

Hi all.

I am a "hope-to-be" participant - or a lurker - in this newsgroup. I
first came across it in december, when there was a lot of "Gil
Harding-ness" going on, and at that time I posted a question on this.
Possibly I got a truckload of answers, and if so I apologize deeply for
not replying. Fact is, I lost my access temporarily and started
apparently on a clean slate.

I live in Iceland (anyone interested in the far north?) and, alas, am
just a layman in this field. If this is not the place for such
ignoramuses you will do me a favor by pointing me to an appropriate
group or list. I studied cultural anthrop. for 2 years as an
undergraduate, and plan to resume my studies as soon as possible, but in
the meantime I work as an editor.