Span of ethnography (was: Isolated societies)

Cameron Laird (claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
25 Jan 1995 13:31:53 -0600

In article <3g31ac$>,
Iain Walker <> wrote:
>A question. I came across a statement today along the lines of
>'the Industrial Revolution has affected all societies in the world'.
It sounds banal, but followers of Wallerstein
claim this is a politically-charged proposi-
>What do you think? Are there any societies that have escaped
>the effects of the IR? If any, I would imagine they would be hunter-
>gatherer societies in the rainforest somewhere who have never met
>an anthropologist.
Anyone have an answer to the narrow question?
Departmental folklore ('least in the depart-
ments I've seen) has it that there's no
*ethnos* even *that* pristine, that is, that
every culture has been anthropologized by at
least one practitioner. Are there counter-
examples? Would an ambitious anthropologist
share the information even if there were?


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