Re: aquatic humans...

John Brock (
24 Jan 1995 00:33:48 -0500

In article <3fub7c$r72@status>, Daniel Rosenblatt <> wrote:
>A few points:
>1] Elaine Morgan has more recent books (_Scars of Evolution_ is one title.)
>2] Popularizations are all there is, it is *only* a popular theory.
>3] There is a newsgroup devoted to it: sci.anthropology.paleo (and
>Elaine Morgan posts there.)

Then I should probably go to s.a.paleo, but as long as I'm here, I
wonder if anyone can tell me whether there exists any particularly
damning counterargument to the Aquatic Ape theory, some major flaw in
the theory, or is it simply dismissed for lack of fossil evidence. In
other words, is the theory generally considered by workers in the field
to be reasonable but unsupported speculation, or is it considered
demonstrably wrong? All I know about the theory comes from Elaine
Morgan's books, and she certainly makes it seem reasonable.

John Brock