More from Gregg?

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 03:50:02 GMT

Is the appendix below from you, Gregg? It came from your own site
administrator at

A professional anthropologist taking time out to verify information
you find unstable? Goodness me, I have spent 15-20 years on some of
the material I have at hand; 12 months is chicken feed.

Now because I have succeeded, in the wake of actual threats made
against, to put together my own information network to assist me in
determining the reliability of information, in identifying specific
persons and the precise nature of the actions, and then publishing the
results, you suggest that makes my conduct improper?

Patiently accumulated facts make slanderous drivel? Heavens, what
sort of anthropology do you practice over there?

As I express my anger and disgust at finding anthropologists and other
academics of supposed high standing in our society, acting so against
individuals as spooks and voyeurs surreptitiously seeking to do them
harm, you yourself request action to be taken against me.

Well, I guess that reveals the difference between us out here in the
field, dealing with real people in real life, and you academics who
sit there with your income assured by tenure, and your personal
substance overseen by lawyers.

No thanks.

> > I have a question about proper net-reaction to what many
> > people consider improper behaviour by a user on sci.anthropology.
> >
> > Gil Hardwick ( has been successfully
> > sued for defamation on the Internet. His behaviour has never been
> > good. Now, he is posting people's private e-mail to him on
> > sci.anthropology for all to see. He gets plenty of "flames" for his
> > posts on sci.anth , all of which are well worded and well intentioned.
> > But he seems to believe there is a conspiracy against him and insists
> > on displaying his e-mail to the world as proof of persecution.
> >
> > So far, three people have had their e-mail to him posted on
> > the newsgroup (including myself). What can we do? Can we contact his
> > site-admin and ask them to deal with it? I would have done so
> > already, but I note that the site he is using is the same one he used
> > to post the slanderous drivel he was sued for - evidently the
> > site-admin doesn't care. Further, I am quite honestly not interested
> > in getting this guy angry. He is - unstable. He has spent the last
> > year hunting down (quite literally) some guy named Hugh Jarvis who
> > apparently made Gil angry last March.
> >
> > Anyhow, I'd appreciate any advice you might be able to offer,
> > or if you might be able to forward this note to someone on campus who
> > can help, I'd appreciate that too.
> >
> > Thanks.

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