Re: Natural Selection - Question

23 Jan 1995 21:14 CST

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>> >Subject: Natural Selection - Question
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>> >Date: 22 Jan 95 11:44:16 CST
>> > If a species forces another species into extinction,
>> > i.e. Humans hunting animals, either by pollution
>> >or other conventional means, into extinction,
>> > Is this considered Natural Selection??
>> No
>> Regards, Richard

Is it
>natural selection, I would argue not natural, the things we are doing are
>not natural (pollution, global warming, etc) but maybe artificial.
>However that is just in MHO. I suppose that it is not that different than
>the mass extinctions produced at the K/T boundary and the other really big
>extinctions. Rapid environmental change followed by mass die-offs as
>organisms failed to find the genetic variation quickly enough to handle
>the new situations. Anyways, a quick poll of the grad students here says
>it is natural selection.
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I would argue that it is not natural merely because with the advent of
culture and technology humans have become "unnatural." Natural selection is
the differential reproduction and survival of a species...[in a natural
environment]. Since we have violated the norm of a "natural environment" it is
not natural selection.
my $0.02 worth,