Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in local book stores

James G. Acker (
24 Jan 1995 23:00:30 GMT

Dallas Kennedy ( wrote:
: I have read the hardcover edition of Ginenthal's book, and, although, I
: spotted some errors (most of which I think were typos), I thought the book
: was fine. I am not a longtime supporter of Velikovsky and was quite skeptical
: when I first heard about his ideas about a year and half ago. I am no longer
: so skeptical of them. I have personally checked Ginenthal's criticism of
: the conventional view of Venus, and his criticism is right on the money. The
: greenhouse business is a complete fraud. The standard books on Venus even
: have this, but the data are "massaged" in an ad hoc way to fit them into the
: greenhouse model.

[remainder deleted]

Nice troll, Mr. Kennedy. Do you have brothers named Sirhan Sirhan
Kennedy and Chappaquiddick Kennedy? (I'd put a buck that this guy used
the Holden Emulator Program available on anonymous ftp.)

If you are somehow serious, take this to the bank: Ginenthal
is way wrong on Venus. Way, way, wrong.

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