Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in local book stores

William S. Lawson (
23 Jan 1995 16:15:10 GMT

In article <3fpdvh$>, (Jonathan Sivier ) writes:
|> (Ted Holden) writes:
|> [crap about book exposing Sagan's trashing of Velikovsky deleted to save
|> bandwidth and our minds]
|> Holden is a net.kook who has previously been seen in sci.astro. He was in
|> my kill file, but only for that group. I've altered my kill file so he'll be
|> ignored no matter where he shows up and I'd suggest everyone else so the same.
|> Don't waste your time responding in a logical and reasonable way to his posts,
|> because it will have no effect other than to make you frustrated (from what
|> I've seen in the past).
|> Jonathan

Actually, Einstein is sometimes held up as a "supporter" of Velikovsky. He was
always cordial to him. What he actually said about the book, however, was:
"It's not a bad book -- it really isn't. It's just that it's completely
crazy." (My apologies if this quote is inexact, but it is accurate in spirit.)
-- Bill Lawson