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soc.culture.kurdish People from Kurdistan and Kurds around the world.

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This newsgroup will be established as a forum for sharing ideas and
information about the culture, history, social and political
devolepments in Kurdistan or related to Kurdistan. This newsgroup
will provide open discussions on the issue of Kurdish Question, that
is shared by different countries where Kurds currently live. This news
group will also be accessable for other people from Kurdistan and
others who believe that they have any kind of relationship with
Kurdistan. The discussions will be in English or in different
dialects of Kurdish (languages within Kurdish family).


Periodically, interest in a group to discuss the Kurdish issue
has been expressed. Questions concerning Kurdish problem have been
posted in various newsgroups. It is widely felt that due to its context
(the Kurdish problem) the other groups like soc.culture.turkish are
inadequate for this purpose, not only because of different languages
but also for the reason that just only one part of Kurdistan shares
some common background with Turkey.

So it is felt that a seperate newsgroup is suitable.

This Newsgroup will virtually connect the vast scattered people from
Kurdistan and hopefully it might contribute to bring the seperated
dialects of Kurdish to a single national language.


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